Friday, February 24, 2012

Red Riding Hood

So...I've been excited to share this shoot, it was so fun!!!  A photographer friend of mine (Camilla from CiocoPhotography) and I got together to shoot my daughter for a fun fairy tale shoot with my daughter.  We planned the props and idea together, then went out and shot together.  My daughter had fun being the model, and I loved doing a shoot just for fun.  So without further ado, here's the results! 

This next one reminds me a little of Snow White...but I loved the photo so I wanted to share it anyway.

I'd be scared too if there was a wolf in the woods

We plan on doing more fairy tale shoots, which I'll post about to get models.  And I've still got a lot of sessions I need to see you soon!


  1. I love the I wolves T-shirt. What a fun concept. If you need any older children (say 16 or 18) for any of these, let us know and we'll see if Russell's kids are interested.

  2. Love it. They turned out great!! Thanks for the chat the other night. It is nice to not feel alone. :)