Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Playing in the Rain

Our first day of Spring Break it was raining but my daughter and I opted not to let that stop us from taking some fun photos.  I must admit it was a tad bit difficult holding an umbrella and a heavy camera still at the same time...but it was fun.  
These bring mixed emotions for me.  She's growing up...that's hard to deny, but they also show there's still a little girl inside her that loves to play, splash in puddles, and twirl around.  Still a part of both worlds, and I will cherish these because of that

See the rain in her hair?

Thus next one might be my favorite

Both of these just make me smile

I can't believe how big she's getting!

And yes, I love this.  Even more, though, I love the girl.  Love.  The end.

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