Wednesday, June 25, 2014

"H" Family

Okay, so as you know I was incredibly lucky to be able to fly out to Louisiana to be there for the birth of my nephew last year, and while there I had the additional privilege of photographing this amazing family.  Look at all those amazing kids!  This mom and dad were awesome, and the kids were great.  They made me feel right at home with them, though I was far away from my own family.  And here's their awesomeness for you to see :)

 Look how green and lush it is.  I could definitely use Louisiana for a backdrop more often :)  Especially for these cute kiddos.

My favorite type of family photo, with a little fun thrown in :)


The look on Dad's face with all these girls is priceless.  I had to throw it in here :)

Such an awesome family.  I'm so glad I got to meet them and capture a little bit of their awesomeness :)

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