Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Logan Temple

A few months ago my husband and I were able to have a little getaway for our anniversary to Logan (and the awesome Anniversary Inn).  It's always nice to have some time, just the two of us, to spend together.  We went for a hike, had some great Aggie ice cream, and, of course, took some pics of the Logan temple.  Isn't he awesome to support me by going with me to take photos while celebrating our anniversary?  Yeah, he's the best.   So I wanted to share a few of those pics...enjoy!!!

Okay, this next one's not of the temple itself, but it was on the grounds :)


I love this next one!

I love photographing the LDS temples, with their beauty and variety, though all with the same meaning.  And spending time with the hubby made this even better.  To see more temple pics, look here and here.  I just realized I have more that I haven't posted...hmm...if you'd like me to post some of the Timpanogos and Oquirrh Mountain temples, let me know!

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  1. Russell and I were married in the Timpanogas Temples, so I'd love to see ones you've taken of it, but I'm happy looking at all pictures of any temple.