Monday, June 20, 2011

(R)emarkable Family

I had so much fun with this family, they really were incredible. I have three boys myself, so it was fun to have an all-boy family with all the energy and fun they possess. The only downside to this shoot was that we had storm clouds, so it was darker than I would have liked, but I seriously had fun, which makes for a great shoot. So now let me introduce you to the first winners of the family photo shoot that I gave away over on :

 See how adorable these boys are?

 And now you see where they get it from...

The above one is one of my favorites 'cause they're interacting.  Love those kind :)

I must be in the mood to comment a lot, but look at those smiles!  See?!?  Fun!  And now to introduce you to these cute boys:

K, this little guy gets two, 'cause I just loved this next one.  Makes me giggle every time I see it.

The little guy on the left had a stick he kept carrying around with him...sooo boy.  And although he was asked a few times to put it down it ended up in the above picture.  And I LOVE it.  It just shows the reality of boys.  

Seriously, the eye roll is the best.  Again, giggles. On my part at least. 


And one more jumping photo...

K, I know that was a bit of picture overload, but they were just such a fun family!  Just a little plug for this mom's work 'cause she's kinda incredible.  She has a blog over at that pretty much rocks.  It'll make you want to start making cool things and using power tools.  Seriously.  Thanks for checking out my work.  It makes me happy you stopped by.  Enjoy your day and hopefully I'll see you again soon!

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  1. Very, very cute pics Mim:) And an adorable family!